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Coates and Clark Red Heart Super Saver Yarn - reviews

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

  • Very Versatile Yarn!

    Melanie Sue's picture

    Theres something about a good yarn that makes any homemade project worthwhile. I personally use several different brands and types of yarn when I make my crochet projects. One of the brands I tend to use most often is the Red Heart in the Super Saver type. Read more

  • Red Heart Yarn; A Traditional Favorite

    debbieh13's picture

    Red Heart Yarn is my favorite on-hand yarn. I have several skeins in different colors to grab in case someone needs a quick handmade gift. One of the reasons this is my go-to yarn is the price. It is so much cheaper than other yarns and it is durable too. Read more

  • Wonderful

    Jade_Newell's picture

    I absolutely love the Super saver yarn. I run a small crocheting business out of my home, and Red Heart Super saver is the only type of yarn I will use. It comes in so many colours, and one skein of it goest a long way. It gives me the most bang for my buck. Read more

Type: Yarn
Category: Hobbies
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