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Written on Saturday, December 5, 2015
Pros: small, portable
Cons: not very strong

This spotcleaner is not a replacement for a steam cleaner. So if you are expecting it to be as amazing as a steam cleaner (as I did), this is not the guy for you. 

There is a cat that sneaks up onto my porch when it gets cold at night. My cat takes offense and marks her territory.. right in front of my front door. Not good. Originally I was just cleaning it up with a sponge and towels, but eventually I got tired of this. Plus, it really did not do the job. I did some research and decided I wanted this spotcleaner to do the work for me.

We picked one up and I was so excited... until we pulled it out of the box. See, I thought it was one of those long hoses that I could stand and use like a vacuum. That is not the case with this cleaner. It has a small hose, very short. So you will need to be right next to the steam cleaner and to the place that you are cleaning. 

My other issue with this cleaner is that it has an exceptionally small collection spot. The container is rather large, but only about a 1/4 of it fills up before the machine stops sucking up dirty water. This isn't a malfunction, there is a line that shows you that it only fills up so far. I think I could overlook a lot if I wasn't running to clean out the container every two minutes. 

It does a pretty good job of getting the majority of the wetness up at first, but once the abundance of moisture is cleaned up, you need to push down really hard to get up the last bits of water so here is no mold underneath your carpets. 

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ArcadiaLynn recommends Bissel SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner, 5207A Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand: Bissel
Category: Home appliances
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