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Pelonis Fan-Forced Heater - reviews

Average: 2.3 (3 votes)

  • Works Well but Doesn’t Last Long

    fyyrest0rm's picture

    Since I am the type of person who can go from extremely hot to shivering cold within a matter of just a few minutes, I often need to have a small heater in my office. I picked up the Pelonis HF-0020T fan forced heater, and was simply amazed at the amount of heat this little heater put out. Read more

  • A little heater that works great!

    jandyrodax's picture

    Recently our heater downstairs kept shortening out. Each time that it would stop working we would have to get our landlord to call the HVAC people out to fix it. Read more

  • Quit Working

    yjudith66's picture

    We bought the Pelonis 0020t for the bedroom because it's the coldest room in our apartment and worked real first. I don't think we've had it even for a month and it already wont turn on. It just shut itself off and now wont work. Read more

Type: Heater
Brand: Pelonis
Category: Home appliances
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