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Yankee Candle - reviews

Average: 4.7 (6 votes)

  • Smells Nothing Like a Cookie

    dsemidey's picture

    I am a pretty simple person. I don't like strong scents in my home unless they are natural like those you get from flowers or baking. I usually light a battery operated lantern for atmosphere lighting because I am not really fond of having open flames in the house. Read more

  • Unlike Any Candle I've Smelled Before

    rebeccaeliza's picture

    While perusing the vast array of candles at a gift shop I stumbled across Yankee Candle's Pink Sands candle, and I was immediately taken with its unique and intoxicating scent.  Among the smells of lavender and vanilla and fresh cotton and sea breeze, this one was truly different.  I didn't buy it… Read more

  • The Most Delicious Smelling Christmas Candle!

    rebeccaeliza's picture

    Oh Yankee Candle.  I love Yankee Candles.  They are ridiculously expensive, BUT they are stellar quality.  For years I never owned a candle from them, and then this year everyone who had to buy me presents for a birthday or Christmas decided I needed ALL the Yankee Candles.  Well, I really couldn't … Read more

  • Strawberry Ice Cream... as a Candle? Yes, Please!

    rebeccaeliza's picture

    I got the small jar of Yankee Candle's Summer Scoop for Christmas, and it really is the perfect fruity candle.  It's not just supposed to smell like strawberries.  No, that would be too pedestrian.  It's scented like strawberry ICE CREAM.  It really does smell like it, too.  It's creamy, sweet and… Read more

  • The Only Candle Scent I Enjoy

    Hobson's picture

    One of the last things I, or most other men, want to do is walk by the Yankee Candle store in the mall. The smell from the inside of the store is sent across that entire wing of the mall, but it is almost inevitable that we will end up inside the store when with our significant others. Read more

  • Smells good enough to eat

    megamelfina's picture

    This candle smells delicious! This is Yankee Candles Blueberry Scone scent, and it smells just like it sounds. If you have ever eaten a blueberry bagel, then you know what this smells like. Its really accurate, and it doesnt smell fake at all. Read more

  • My Absolute Favorite Candle Ever!

    dawlfayce's picture

    I am the kind of person that absolutely loves anything that smells like clean laundry. In fact, that is my favorite scent in the entire world. Ive owned plenty of clean linen scented items in my time and they all smell pretty good, but I have never found anything that smells as good as Yankees… Read more

  • Smells amazing

    lauragabrielle's picture

    I have a pink lemonade version of this candle and it really smells amazing! It comes in a really handy glass pot, and it has a lid so the smell stays contained and strong for when you light it. Read more

Type: Candle
Brand: Yankee
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