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Written on Thursday, July 9, 2015
Pros: color-matching process, works on paneling and molding
Cons: dull finish unfit for furniture, easily rubbed out of holes, poor for scratch repair

DAP’s Blend Sticks are basically crayons with a grown-up price. They’re colored wax you’re instructed to rub on

"nail holes, scratches, and other minor blemishes in finished wood surfaces… ideal for wood and simulated wood surfaces such as paneling, woodwork, molding, furniture, and cabinets."

I’m here to tell you that the advertising copy is an overstatement.

Instead of coming to a point like a Crayola, a DAP Dark Wood Blend Stick Wood Filler has a teardrop cross-section. One edge is sharp, the rest of the stick is round. This way you are can "feather" the wax if you need to blend two or more sticks for a better color match. DAP sells Blend Sticks in many different shades - light oak, dark oak, light walnut, dark walnut, cherry, maple, and other woods, plus plain black and white. The instructions tell you to fill in blemishes with a blend stick or combination of blend sticks, and voila! problem solved.

I've tried to use my Blend Sticks for several problems, during which I figured out that Blend Sticks are essentially worthless on furniture. If you have a scratch on a table top or the like, the “repair” soon smears and rubs out, leaving the old blemish intact. Where it does work pretty well is on paneling, molding and other wood that isn’t varnished or lacquered. If there are shallow scratches don’t go all the way through the finish, the product is basically useless. You get better results with a heavy coat or two of furniture wax.

Where furniture has small chips and scratches, I’ve gotten better results with felt-tip pens in various wood colors. Sometimes you have to blend them to get a good color match. Once you’ve used the pens, seal the surface with a good paste wax or even some clear nail polish, though you'll then have to smooth the surface with extra-fine sandpaper or steel wool and put on a heavy coat of wax. When it comes to furniture repairs using DAP Blend Sticks, good luck: you're on your own!

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2labz doesn't recommend DAP Blend Sticks Dark Wood Wood Filler

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Type: Wood Filler
Brand: DAP
Category: Home Repair Tools
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