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Written on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Pros: standard size
Cons: mediocre build quality

It’s said that only the poor workman blames his tools, which implies that careful, talented people aren’t limited by the quality of the tool. In other words, a good craftsman can do competent work with lousy tools; while a bad workman does a bad job even with the finest equipment money can buy. If so, then a Great Neck #2 4” Phillips Screwdriver probably wouldn’t be a good choice for less skillful workers.

Considered a four-inch version, the total length of the Great Neck Gr44C is 8” including both shaft and handle. The shaft is nickel-plated carbon steel, round with a ¼” diameter, and ends in a 1-1/2" section buried in a translucent plastic handle. The amber and blue handle’s shape is typical of medium-priced tools, fluted for a better grip, incorporates an thumb groove, and has in dome to let you press down with your a palm while turning the tool.

Phillips #2 screwdrivers fits screw sizes 5 through 9, probably the most common screws used by woodworkers. Great Neck has Phillips drivers sized 0-4 with a range of lengths ranging from one to eight inches long (plus the handle length).

My Great Neck is of moderate quality, mainly because the Phillips tip is too soft for high-quality steel. Better-quality Phillips-head screwdrivers drivers are made with hardened tips that are grooved to improve "hold" on the screw. My driver’s tip is heavily worn and its chrome plating has peeled away. At the other end of the shank, the metal tank extending into the plastic handle is accompanied by a line of bubbles. The 1-1/2 inch burial depth is stingy, too.

Note the missing "USA" label and the air bubbles in handle along the metal shank
Note the missing "USA" label and the air bubbles in handle along the metal shank

According to the Great Neck website their tools are made in the USA. The product picture on the website shows a “USA” stamp on the handle, which is missing from my tool – perhaps sources have changed? The company cites a limited lifetime warranty; which I have never had the opportunity to exercise.

For a dollar or two more you can buy a screwdriver of better quality. I don’t recommended this toot to those who are serious about tools, but it will suffice for a backup toolkit or for the office kit that your coworkers constantly raid.

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Type: Screwdriver
Brand: Great Neck
Category: Home Repair Tools
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