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Loctite Liquid Super Glue - reviews

Average: 5 (3 votes)

  • Works perfectly!

    jranie22jr's picture

    I use superglue on a lot of different things in my job and at home, usually for small repairs.  I bought Loctite for the first time about a year ago and used it to fix shoes, glue pieces of wood back to my bookshelf, and fix other tiny little things that I can't even remember now.  All I know is,… Read more

  • The best of all of the super glues I've used

    ronnywriter's picture

    I have tried a lot of different super glues over the years, but I continue to come back to Loctite as my main one because of how quickly it works on everything that I need to glue. Plus, a little bottle of this stuff seems to last much longer than any of the other glue products that I have bought. Read more

  • Strong hold!

    Pennie's picture

    Loctite Liquid Super Glue is a must to have at home, and since it is so affordable I always see to it that I have a couple of bottle laying around because I do use it a lot when I am making my crafs. Sometimes this kind of glue is the only glue that will work. Read more

Type: Super Glue
Brand: Loctite
Category: Home Repair Tools
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