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Written on Monday, May 5, 2014
Pros: lasts long, works on just about anything, works quickly

I use superglue on a lot of different things in my job and at home, usually for small repairs.  I bought Loctite for the first time about a year ago and used it to fix shoes, glue pieces of wood back to my bookshelf, and fix other tiny little things that I can't even remember now.  All I know is, this stuff works!! It is super strong and creates a tight bond within seconds.  The packaging says 5 seconds, and it's accurate.  I applied it to a thin strip of wood that was loose on my bookshelf, pressed it into the shelf itself, held it there for 30 seconds to be sure, and it didn't even budge when I released it.  I  used it on a piece of my shoe that was ripping at the sole, and I still wear that shoe almost every day, and it has had to be about 7 months since I fixed it.  I always keep a package of this superglue around.  Whenever I finish a tube off, I pick up another one.  I like the fact that it is liquid, the gel superglue that I have tried before seems to keep coming out of the tube even when you aren't using it, then it glues the cap on.  This liquid glue keeps in its bottle for a while, plus its bigger than other tubes and bottles of superglue, so it lasts me longer.  The price is also less than some other brands too!!

Loctite Super Glue
Loctite Super Glue

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jranie22jr recommends Loctite Liquid Super Glue

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Type: Super Glue
Brand: Loctite
Category: Home Repair Tools
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