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Written on Monday, January 20, 2014
Pros: great scent options, inexpensive

I like Air Wick air freshner because it is very inexpensive and it smells good.  There are two fragrances which are my favorites, but I’ve tried their other scents and they also are pleasant, although, I don’t buy them simply because I’d rather have my two favorite scents.

It goes without saying that bad smells make going into a room unpleasant.  The Air Wick spray dispenses in a soft mist and shoots about five feet so it has good coverage.  The only downside comes from over spraying.  If you spray continually in the same place, it will settle on the floor and make it slippery.  You don’t need that much, however.  A small amount will work.  I use it in the kitchen as well as the bathroom, especially after cutting onions.  If used in moderation, it will last a good while.

I have tried two other brands and one is good and the other has no good scents.  It really is a matter of personal taste, but I like the Fresh Linen and the Lavender scents the best.

Air Wick has been around for a long time, and in all those years, they have continually provided an excellent product at reasonable prices.  A notice on the can asks you to recycle and I like that.  I also like the fact that it is an American company.  I wouldn’t buy the product just because it was made in America, but I’m always glad to support an American company.  I wrote to them about 10 years ago because they stopped making one of the scents I loved.  I would expect any company to respond with a polite, say-nothing letter, but they sent a very kind reply with coupons for some of their newer products.  I wouldn’t buy the product if I didn’t like it, but their attitude makes me glad to support them.

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LindaGregg recommends Air Wick Aerosol

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Brand: Air Wick
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