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Bounce Fresh Linen Dryer Sheets - reviews

Average: 5 (3 votes)

  • Fantastic smell and static free!

    jranie22jr's picture

    I wash my clothes at work most of the time, since the washer and dryer in my apartment is expensive and quite a haul.  So, once a week i gather everything up and take it into work with me.  I always bring a few Bounce sheets with me, usually 2-3 per load depending on the size of the load.  Where I… Read more

  • Keeps my clothes smelling wonderful! Static Free!

    thrifty101's picture

    I have been through so many dryer sheets that have not given me the satisfaction of clean smelling clothes. My clothes always come out with static and it just gets pointless buying dryer sheets that do not work. I bought the bounce ones, even though they were a bit more expensive. Read more

  • Static Free Clothes is the Way to Go

    Hobson's picture

    My titles says it all. When it comes to putting all my clothes in the dryer, static free is the only way to go. I have used other brands before and my clothes wasnt static free and they often had a weird smell. Read more

Type: Dryer Sheets
Brand: Bounce
Category: Household Products
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