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Dawn Simply Clean Dishwashing Soap - reviews

Average: 1.6 (5 votes)

  • Not as good as the original

    lizabeth420's picture

    This soap gets my dishes clean and works pretty decent. It is super bubbly and is creamy when lathered on a sponge. A little really goes a long way with this. The formula is thinner than what I am used to and it is easy to over do it because it comes out of the bottle a lot faster. Read more

  • don't like it at all

    Lisab1469's picture

    I figure it was a dawn product so it would be worth the money but was I wrong. It doesn't make suds at all and it doesn't fight grease at all. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Read more

  • Worst Dawn product ever.

    redhatlynal's picture

    I use Dawn all the time, and the Dawn Simply Clean is the WORST dishwashing soap I have ever tried!! It really EATS YOUR SKIN, and leaves hands REALLY DRY!! It even SMELLS TERRIBLE!! And does not live up to the Dawn STANDARDS of good cleaning and fighting grease. Read more

  • Not as good as the concentrated

    LydiaMC's picture

    I accidentally bought this while I was in a hurry shopping on black Friday, worst mistake in my life, both, shopping on black Friday and picking the wrong Dawn.  I am an avid Dawn buyer wouldn't purchase anything else, but I don't like this product.  Too runny, yes I understand it isn't… Read more

  • Does not last or cut grease as well as the old Dawn.

    Rockin Nonni's picture

    This product does not last through one dishpan full of dishes. Forget about cutting grease. Might as well try to just rinse it off in cold water . . . about the same results. However, it does make a gentle cleaner for washing the car or making your own shower spray. Read more

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