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Glad Forceflex Febreze Trash Bags - reviews

Average: 4 (3 votes)

  • They are good!

    Pennie's picture

    I don't like the black trash bags so I always use the white ones. I guess that the white ones gives a more fresh feeling when having to handle them. These trash bags are of a good size and they are very durable and can be stuffed with a lot of trash before tied up and ready to go. Read more

  • Leaks a little, but still good.

    thrifty101's picture

    When it comes to taking out the trash, my situation is dire. I live in gated community. My apartment is in the back of this community. The dumpster, where all of the residents must take their trash, is at the very front of the community. Read more

  • Smells Good and Stretchy

    Reviewing Mama's picture

    Glad Forceflex Febreze trash bags have a pleasant smell as well as an odor shield to help prevent the smells from coming out of the bag, this helps to combat the unfortunate odors that can occur from your trash. The odor shield and Febreze scent does help prevent the smells from being overpowering. Read more

Type: Garbage Bags
Brand: Glad
Category: Household Products
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