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Written on Monday, June 2, 2014
Pros: keeps baked goods from burning, non stick

If I could buy stock in this parchment paper I would. I absolutely love this product. I eat a high carb low fat mostly raw vegan diet. However, on the few days a week I eat cooked food for dinner it usually consists of seven or eight potatoes made into baked French fries. Since I don't use oil, this paper keeps them from sticking to the cookie sheets. I also use it to make steamed vegetables in the microwave. Put the veggies on the paper with a slice of lemon and fold the paper so it envelopes them. Food comes out perfect and there is no extra bowl to clean. I have used it in my dehydrator on occasion, as well.


This product is never in stock at my local store. I live in a rural area, so the selection of grocery stores is quite small. So, rather than risk going to the store and them being sold out I just order the set of two rolls on Amazon. Each roll is 45 feet, so it lasts me quite a while.


I have heard people say that parchment paper will catch on fire in the oven above a certain temperature, but I have never had a problem with it. I have even cranked the oven up to 500 degrees trying to cook my fries faster and it has held up fine. Although, it usually is not for longer than 30 minutes, so I can't say if it will be fine for longer periods of time on high heat.

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theherbivorehippie recommends Reynolds Parchment Paper

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    I bought this parchment paper with intentions of using it for something other than baking. Owning my own business I purchased this in the hopes that it would make a nice packaging material for my soap goods. That turned out to not be the case. It turns out that NOTHING sticks to parchment paper. Read more

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