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Boogie Wipe Boogie Wipe Grape Scented Baby Wipes - reviews

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  • Better than a Tissue

    Katie Koch's picture

    Every parent knows that only a select few of us are graced with children that do not act like they are dying when getting their noses blown or wiped.  For the rest of us I fall into this camp as well- we all dread our kids stuffy or running noses because we know that as soon as we bring a tissue to … Read more

  • Boogie Wipe Grape Scent

    MrsGlass's picture

    My son has very sensitive skin. Tissues just seemed to irritate his skin further. And so I was very relieved to come across Boogie Wipes. I have found Boogie Wipes to be a life saver when it comes to a sick toddler. Read more

Type: Baby Wipes
Brand: Boogie Wipe
Category: Baby Care Products
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