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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - reviews

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

  • Got me through the first few months

    baybee510's picture

    I was totally unprepared for the fact that my newborn would want to be on me all the time. He would immediately scream and cry if I tried to leave him in the swing, bouncer, crib, etc. I would be stuck sitting on the couch holding him for hours. Read more

  • We loved our Moby Wrap!

    RebeccaMcCurry's picture

    When I found out that I was expecting a child, I began researching the many types of baby carriers and wraps available. I know how important it is for a child to feel secure, comfortable, and close to their mothers and fathers. Read more

  • The Ultimate Baby Carrier

    Katie Koch's picture

    As a new parent I was lavished with a baby swing, vibrating bouncer, even a self rocking bassinet but of course my son did not like being in any of these things.  Nothing calmed or made him happy like being held close to mom or dads chest.  As any parent knows constantly entertaining baby renders… Read more

Type: Baby Carrier
Brand: Moby
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