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Written on Sunday, December 22, 2013
Cons: long

I was totally unprepared for the fact that my newborn would want to be on me all the time. He would immediately scream and cry if I tried to leave him in the swing, bouncer, crib, etc. I would be stuck sitting on the couch holding him for hours. Whenever I had to go to the bathroom or go get something, he would wake up and start crying.

After a doctor check up when he was about two weeks I immediately ran into the baby store and bought the Moby Wrap. I wanted something to keep him comfortable, snug and close to me.

It takes a while to get a hang of how to use it. I had to watch the videos and practice a few times before I got it right. There are different ways you can arrange and fold it depending on how you want to carry your child and his/her age and size. The Newborn Hug Hold was the method I used for the entire time.

Once I put my baby in the wrap, he was as content as can be. If he started crying, I would put him in and he would stop. He would only nap in the wrap, which he did for 2+ hours at a time.

It held him in tight and snug. There was never any danger of him falling or slipping out.

Best of all it freed me up so that I could actually get some things done. It's pretty much a stretchy and strong cloth so there's no digging into your skin. Whenever we went somewhere I made sure to bring this with me (it comes in a cloth pouch). I even would go to the bathroom with this thing on!

Some people didn't even know it was a carrier when they first saw me wearing it from the back. They thought it was just a shirt, until I turned around and they saw a baby inside!

The only thing is that it's super long. I'm 5'1'', which means a lot of extra material dragging on the floor. It's not snap and go and does take an extra minute or two to get on compared to traditional baby carriers.

Once my baby got older he was too squirmy for this thing and I had to move on to a traditional baby carrier that he couldn't push and pull against.

But it did its job and kept my sanity for those first few months. I'll definitely be using it again for my next baby.

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baybee510 recommends Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

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Type: Baby Carrier
Brand: Moby
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