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Written on Thursday, October 9, 2014

This Toronto, Canada-based natural beauty brand never ceases to amaze me. This mascara may just be my all-time favourite, and that includes all the toxic ones I used before making the switch to "green" beauty. This handcrafted mascara is very affordable for a product of its kind ($15) and it really delivers. This is HUGE for me, because mascara is an absolute essential in my beauty routine, and I will not compromise on safe ingredients OR great lashes. I want both, and this mascara offers that.

The formula is on the dry side, but it's easy to work with and build up your lashes with. The brush is straight and tapered, pretty standard, but the mascara itself is certainly NOT standard. With one coat, lashes get length and volume that looks natural yet defined. In this photo, you can see one eye with a coat of Wildrose Magnolia All Natural Mascara, and one eye with no mascara. As demonstrated, my lashes are basically invisible, almost non-existent without mascara, so for a natural formula to pull this out of thin air with one coat is remarkable.

One eye with no mascara (right side) and one eye with one coat of Wildrose Magnolia Mascara (left side)
One eye with no mascara (right side) and one eye with one coat of Wildrose Magnolia Mascara (left side)

And then you add a second coat, and you're basically looking at falsies; amazing volume, incredible length, lots of drama:

One eye with no mascara (right side) and one eye with two coats of Wildrose Magnolia Mascara (left side)
One eye with no mascara (right side) and one eye with two coats of Wildrose Magnolia Mascara (left side)

This mascara is made with 85% organic ingredients, and the full ingredient list is amazing considering the performance you're getting. No clumps, no smudging, no smearing. Just defined, gorgeous lashes with amazing separation. I have two minor issues with this mascara, which is why it's a four-star review and not a five. The first issue is that it contains Citrus Grandis, which is a somewhat controversial ingredient with mixed opinions as to its safety. I do try to avoid this ingredient when possible, but I make exceptions for mascara, if the product is amazing like this one is and the rest of the ingredient list raises no concerns for me. It's worth noting that I would much rather have Citrus Grandis (AKA Grapefruit Seed Extract) in my mascara than phenoxyethanol or parabens.

At any rate, I am not terribly concerned with Citrus Grandis, as long as I keep it to a very limited number  products, so this would not prevent me from purchasing the mascara on an ongoing basis. I am leaning towards the opinion that it's really about the manufacturer and that there is clean, safe Citrus Grandis, and unclean, unsafe Citrus Grandis. Apparently the danger lies in contamination issues. After speaking with the founder of Wildrose Magnolia (who promptly addressed my questions with courtesy and eloquence), I feel even more confident that the Citrus Grandis used by the brand is on the safer side of things. I trust this brand and know personally that the founder is very particular and heavily invested in the safety of her products.

The other minor issue I have is that the wand is very short and can make it slightly difficult to get close enough to my eye to grab every lash, at least without devoting a little bit more time to application. It's still do-able, and based on the results I get, it's obviously not a deal-breaker by any means, but I have to admit I would jump for joy if there was a version with a longer wand.

The major pros FAR outweigh the very minor cons and I would recommend this mascara to ANYONE who wants sky-high gorgeous lashes. Even if you're not into "green" beauty, this is SO worth a try - you will love it. And if you are into non-toxic beauty, you HAVE to add this to your collection.

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Elegant Rebel recommends Wildrose Magnolia All Natural Mascara

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