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Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm - reviews

Average: 3.8 (6 votes)

  • Overrated and Useless

    Britta's picture

    There was so much hype around this product that eventually I gave into it and picked up one of these lip balms from Boots on my latest shopping trip. I have never tried it before nor do I know anyone who has bought this so I relied on the hype and the internet for all the reviews., although I have… Read more

  • One of my favorite lip balms!

    noelle142's picture

    I am a bit of a lip glosslip balm junkie, so I had to try Maybelline's Baby Lips products. In my area, these are priced at $2.99 a piece at places like Target and Wal-Mart. Read more

  • Maybelline Baby Lips Review

    dawlfayce's picture

    Living in an area where the climate changes frequently can certainly take a toll on your lips. I have used so many different kinds of lip balms in an effort to prevent my dry lips from cracking, but none of them have ever worked for me as well as Maybellines Baby Lips has. Read more

  • Great Lip Balm With Color

    Melanie Sue's picture

    Living in an area with a dry constant heat, I need great lip coverage that moisturizes. I also want one that has a bit of color to it. Maybelline makes a line of lip balms called the Baby Lips line that do both jobs. I bought the Baby Lips lip balm in the Cherry Me color. Read more

  • Pink and Moisturized Lips with added Shine!

    mmumbi's picture

    I am totally in love with the Maybellines Baby Lips electro collection. I purchased the Strike-a-Rose and it works great like a lip gloss because it adds shine to my lips. The lip balm has a nice pink color in it and when I applied it on gives a sweet color to my lips. Read more

  • Average Lipbalm

    freshlimesoda's picture

    I picked up the Maybelline Anti-oxidant Berry lip balm on a trip to Thailand because I saw it on the store shelf on a cursory shopping trip. This was when the tinted variety was not out yet but I was curious to try out the lip balm because of all the rave about it. Read more

Type: Lipstain
Brand: Maybelline
Category: Make-Up
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