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Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel - reviews

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

  • The Best Revlon Polish EVER!

    dawlfayce's picture

    I was at my local Wal-Mart store just the other day when I stumbled upon a new collection of nail polishes from Revlon. The display is what initially caught my eye. These polishes are called Parfumerie and are scented. Read more

  • Strange concept, but they are so fun!

    jranie22jr's picture

    I came across Revlon's scented nail enamel a couple of weeks ago.  I was struck by how many different scents and colors there were.  For the most part, the colors matched the fragrance, like the spicy colors were browns and reds, and the fruits and flowers were pinks, oranges and light colors.  I… Read more

  • Great Scented Nail Polish from Revlon!

    dawlfayce's picture

    I was at my local Wal-Mart store the other day, walking around the makeup section when I came upon a new display. The display featured new nail polishes from Revlon. The catch? These nail polishes were all scented.  I opened a bottle expecting it to smell like the name, but it didnt. Read more

  • Amazing new line of Revlon nail polishes!

    Lisse09's picture

    Scented nail polish is my new favorite beauty product in my collection! I was at Target when I came across Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel. I was really happy to see something new and was eager to try it out. Read more

Type: Nail Polish
Brand: Revlon
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