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Written on Monday, December 23, 2013
Pros: easy to use, good value, really works

I love to keep fish at my house. Aquariums are so beautiful and relaxing. Unfortunately, my tap water really sucks. It is not ideal for keeping fish. Instead of buying expensive bottled, distilled, or reverse osmosis water, I get products that make my water safe. Ammo-Lock is perfect and easy to use.

My tap water has ammonia occurring in it. Ammonia is very very toxic to fish – it will burn their gills and scales and lead to death. Ammo-Lock will neutralize the ammonia in the aquarium right away. It makes my water safe. It also dechlorinates the water, so I don’t have to use another product to get rid of the harmful chlorines and chloramines we all have in the water from our tap.

I had lost a few fish before I realized that the tap water here at my new house had ammonia in it. Since using Ammo-Lock, I haven’t had any problems. It is so easy to use – you just pour the right amount in the measuring cap. The bottle I got should last me quite a while, even with me using for getting rid of ammonia and for dechlorinating my tap water. It’s a great price and definitely worth it for healthy fish.

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megamelfina recommends API Ammo-Lock Aquarium Treatment

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Brand: API
Category: Pet Supplies
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