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Written on Saturday, January 24, 2015
Pros: cat has privacy, contains odors, keeps litter out of sight
Cons: big, can be tricky to scoop, filter lid poorly designed

Even though we live on the Gulf Coast, we have an igloo in the house. Well, it looks like an igloo… it’s really a Booda Dome litter box, the kind they call a Clean Step. In reality,  about all it has in common with an igloo is the shape.

We bought this several years ago because one of our dogs is very fond of cat food, especially after the kitty has “processed” it – you know, kitty crunchies? We needed a litter box with a cover; one that doggy couldn’t stick her head through to get at the snacks. The Booda Dome fits the bill.

You may have seen a dome litter box before, but this one is probably different: instead of a doorway with a flap, this molded plastic dome has a side entrance. Kitty enters via an arched doorway on one side and climbs about 6” on a curved ramp to reach the “litter chamber.” The actual box is crescent-shaped, about 21” ling and 15” wide at its widest point. With the dome in place, there’s about 20: of headroom – enough for even the largest cat, The tray holds about 6” of litter, and has sloped sides like a traditional box.

The ramp is corrugated with small bumps for added texture, and has a low lip at the foot; these features are designed to keep kitty from tracking litter out of the box. The dome has a large vent at the top with an activated charcoal filter, intended to prevent odors from escaping. Filter replacements are sold in stores, along with liners that fit the odd-shaped box.

Cleaning the box is simple: just lift the domed top off the base using its molded-in handle. Using a scoop isn’t as is efficient as in a rectangular pan because the corners are rather narrow. The cat can’t kick litter around the corner and down the ramp, though they can still track some out – especially if you don’t brush the ramp every couple of days. Between a dome that covers the entire box and the side entrance, kitty can do her business in privacy and you aren’t looking at dirty litter whenever you walk past.

One disadvantage: it's big! It covers a square space about two feet on a side and stands about 20” tall. The lid fits securely and is easy to remove and replace – we fix ours in place with a bungee cord so the dog can't just tip it off. The little lid to hold the filter in occasionally falls open, though the litter we use isn’t very stinky.

Though it’s kind of expensive, a Booda Dome Cleann Step Litter Box provides visual and odor protection, helps keep floor cleaner, and gives your cat some privacy while she’s going about her business. Not bad, if you ask me!

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2labz recommends Booda Clean Step Dome Litter Box

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Type: Litter Box
Brand: Booda
Category: Pet Supplies
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