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Del Monte Pet Products Canine Carry Outs Bacon Flavor Dog Treats - reviews

Average: 3.8 (4 votes)

  • My dog can't get enough of these!

    dawnabell's picture

    Recently, I adopted a German shepherd beagle mix from the local Humane Society, so I had to begin the process of finding treats she would eat. She's definitely not one of those dogs who will literally eat anything edible you put in front of them; she's picky. Read more

  • My Dog's Favorite!

    apache61's picture

    It is common knowledge that dogs will eat almost anything. Sticks, dirt, paper, worms you name it and my dog has probably eaten it. At a little over a year old, she is still learning what should and shouldnt go in her mouth. It is very tiresome. Read more

  • A Great Treat for Any Age Dog

    Katie Koch's picture

    There are many dogs in our circle of friends and family and only two of them have not enjoyed Canine Carry Outs.  Just like humans, dogs can be picky about what they eat but I have found that out of my three dogs only one of them will not eat these treats.  Of course, this is the same dog that wont … Read more

  • Canine Carry Outs Bacon Flavor - not for my dog!

    snessen65's picture

    Canine Carry Outs is not something I would recommend for any dog. While my dog loved the flavor and chewiness of the snack, you almost need to be a scientist to understand the ingredients list. Read more

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