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PediPaws Battery Powered Nail Trimmer for Pets - reviews

Average: 1.5 (2 votes)

  • Canine Nail File

    LindaGregg's picture

    I purchased this product in hopes that it would save me some money.  My female dog absolutely went into a panic every time I took her to the vet to have her nails trimmed.  She did not run on pavement enough to wear her nails down naturally. Read more

  • Scares Our Dog

    andiesmama's picture

    I absolutely hate clipping our dog's nails. I am always paranoid I will cut too much and cut into the quick, causing him pain and making him bleed. I purchased this product in the hopes that it would be easier to cut his nails and save him from the chance that I would take too much off. Read more

Type: Nail File
Brand: Pedi Paws
Category: Pet Supplies
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