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Written on Monday, December 2, 2013
Pros: less likely to hurt dogs than clippers
Cons: didn't work on nervous dog

I purchased this product in hopes that it would save me some money.  My female dog absolutely went into a panic every time I took her to the vet to have her nails trimmed.  She did not run on pavement enough to wear her nails down naturally.  Consequently, I had to have her sedated in order to have her nails trimmed so the cost was enormous.

I tried using this battery operated nail file on my female dog, and just like at the vet, she went into a panic.  I could not even get her nail into the opening.  If you will look at the pictures, you will see that the golden head of the apparatus has a hole in it through which you are to insert your dog's nail.  I tried taking the head off which would give me access to the spinning file, but she just would not let me get near her with it.  Her nails were black so I could not see the quick, and I figured the nail file would blunt her nails enough without getting down to the quick.  When black nails are being cut, there's no going back once you have cut the quick.  With the nail file, I was hoping she would let me know when I was getting close to the quick and I could spare her some pain.

I think the product is a good idea and it might work on dogs who don't mind having their nails trimmed.  Even though it is relatively quiet, my male dog did not like it when I turned it on and just held it near him.  With most things used on dogs, it is better to start using them on the dogs when they are young so they become used to it.  

Two C batteries are required and will last a long time as the file uses little energy.  The file is offered at online retail pet stores.  If your dog is nervous about having his nails trimmed, I doubt this would work on him; however, if I were going to take care of my dog's nails myself, I'd much rather use something like this than nail clippers with which you can easily cut into the quick and cause bleeding.  Once you cut into the quick and hurt the dog, he will never again cooperate with having his nails trimmed.  That's why I gave it two stars instead of one.  It didn't work for me, but it is far more preferable to use something like this than clippers, especially on dogs with black nails.

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Type: Nail File
Brand: Pedi Paws
Category: Pet Supplies
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