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Written on Monday, September 7, 2015
Pros: almost indestructible as a chew toy, dogs love it, great fetch toy, unpredictable bounces
Cons: can come apart after lots of fetches, heavy

Our yellow Lab has always had a schedule for playing with her toys: the squeaky frog is for rolling around on the floor after supper, and her beloved squirrel baby is who she snuggles at night. When she need high-energy exercise, though, she’s wants her Petstages Orka Jack Chew Toy. It’s the ideal fetch for high-energy dogs like our little girl.

An Orka Jack looks like the jacks kids used to play with (remember the reed rubber balls?), except there are no knobs. Instead, there are 6 rubber arms, Petstages blue, radiating from a center point. Four ends have been left open for a treat; the other two are sealed off. Four of them are a bumpy texture; the others have raised strips. An Orka Jack floats, too. The rubber is medium-hard, but it’s still flexible, rubber. Best of all, it stands up to even a determined chewer. She’s on her second, but not because she chewed through anything – the first one lasted a year of being thrown – hard – in the park.

The Orka’s most fascinating feature for our little girl isn’t that it floats or you can hide treats or even that it’s chewable: what really fascinates her the way it bounces. Think footballs bounce unpredictably? You never know which way, how high, or how far the Orka Jack will bounce, especially if it lands on a hard surface. We fling it in the park by the house (it weighs maybe two times as much as a softball): she immediately takes off running, but by the time she’s caught up the crazy thing has changed directions and isn’t there! Once she catches it, she often takes a victory lap around the park with her head high and her beloved Orka in her jaws.

A possible problem as a fetch toy is that the Orka jack is pretty heavy (her large size weighs 11.5 ounces). Sometimes I worry that she may get hit in the face and lose a tooth to one of those unpredictable bounces, but she sure doesn’t seem worried. By the way, if your pooch isn’t lab-sized, there are two smaller sizes…

Any dog toy that comes into our house is Lab-tested: the Orka Jack passed with flying colors!

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2labz recommends Petstages Orka Jack Dog Chew Toy

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Type: Dog Chew Toy
Brand: Petstages
Category: Pet Supplies
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