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Written on Thursday, April 9, 2015
Pros: cardboard scratchers protect furniture
Cons: kitty simply doesn't like it

One Christmas, our poor cat received a new dog. Unlike her three previous canine companions, she and this one simply don’t get along. As a result, for a couple of years she’s spent most of her time hiding out upstairs or perched high on a spiral staircase hissing at her rival.

Since she’s always adored corrugated cardboard scratchers, we bought her another one for her attic lair. It’s a Planet Petco Bungalow Cat Scratcher, a cute design that, according to the maker, will “stimulate [my] cat’s sense of curiosity.” All I can say to that is, “Ha!”

This $17-dollar toy is entirely cardboard. The base is a 15”x19” tray 2” deep that contains an ordinary cardboard scratcher. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re thick corrugated cardboard blocks with the edges exposed. To get kitty started scratching them, you can rub little of the supplied catnip in the openings. The toy also includes a cardboard “bungalow” that rests at one end of the box, leaving about six inches of the scratcher exposed. The little house has a larger front door and small windows the sides. Supposedly, kitty will hide inside, peer through the windows, and occasionally scratch the cardboard. Our kitty weighs less than ten pounds, though the package says it is roomy enough for a 20-pound cat. Perhaps if it’s not claustrophobic…

Besides the cardboard “structure,” a Planet Petco Bungalow Cat Scratcher kit includes stickers for decorating the walls (a nautical theme that reminds me of Margaritaville) and some catnip. It takes a couple of minutes to assemble, more if you decide to decorate.

Unfortunately, Kitty ignores hers. I’ve only seen her in it one time in two-plus years, and there aren’t any signs of scratching at all. She has several other cardboard scratchers around, any one of which she will attack without provocation. Perhaps she doesn’t like this one because it sits flat on the floor (her others are inclined), or maybe it’s because the “grain” of the cardboard runs the wrong way. Whatever the reason, she gives it two paws down.

Since she’s a cat she’s fickle: maybe tomorrow she’ll decide it’s the greatest toy she’s ever seen – but I’m not holding my breath.

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2labz doesn't recommend Planet Petco Bungalow Cat Scratcher

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Brand: Planet Petco
Category: Pet Supplies
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