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Bio-Oil Purcellin Oil - reviews

Average: 3.8 (5 votes)

  • Doesn't work for me!

    Britta's picture

    I bought this product a few years back, because I was looking for some new great skincare product to try out for my dry and sensitive skin. I came across Bio-Oil on amazon and it had amazing reviews. Read more

  • Bio Oil gives you great results

    Lauren Todd's picture

    Many people experience skin issues, from small scars, to hyperpigmentation. There are many products on the market that claim to improve the appearance of your skin, while reducing imperfections, like red marks and stretch marks. But most of them simply dont work. Read more

  • Not great, but okay

    LindaGregg's picture

    As you can see from the photograph, this product is specifically for scar tissue as well as dry skin.  There are several products one can buy to diminish the size and color of scar tissue.  They dont work.    I used several scar-diminishing products after my surgical scars healed and nothing made a … Read more

  • You Get What You Pay For!

    dawlfayce's picture

    I am a very body conscious person, and I hate to have flaws on my skin. I had searched long and hard and spent a lot of money on products that promised to even out my skin tone, help to fade stretch marks and get rid of scars. Read more

  • A miracle for stretch marks!

    lauragabrielle's picture

    Like a lot of women, I used to have a few white stretch marks across my hips from a growth spurt over puberty, and even though they werent very noticeable, they always bothered me, especially when I was at the beach or sunbathing. Read more

Type: Body Oil
Brand: Bio-Oil
Category: Body Care
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