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Written on Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Cons: contains lavender oil, heavily fragranced, not moisturising

I bought this product a few years back, because I was looking for some new great skincare product to try out for my dry and sensitive skin. I came across Bio-Oil on amazon and it had amazing reviews. There were a few negative ones as well, but all in all this product got 4.5 out of 5 stars on the amazon website. That’s pretty amazing considering over 1000 people have reviewed this product. I just checked and now there are over 2000 reviews on the amazon UK website on this product.


Anyway, I bought this product because it claims to be an oil that helps to improve the appearances of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone while smoothing wrinkles and other signs of ageing and/or dry skin. After reading that and the amazing reviews, I was sold. I bought the 200ml, which I believe is the biggest bottle of Bio-Oil on amazon for around £12. I checked in the drugstores but there the bottle cost £20, so I ended up saving money by buying it online.


When I received the Bio-Oil, I was really excited, because I was convinced that this product would work really well for me since I have dehydrated skin and also have from hyperpigmentation and light scarring from my teenage acne. I intended to use this product on my face as it said in the product description it would be suitable for face and body. I think this was the very first oil product that I have ever bought to use as a moisturiser for my face. Since it is an oil and doesn’t get absorbed by the skin right away, I decided to use it as part of my night skin care routine. That way I could let the oil work its magic over the course of the night and in the morning my skin would feel replenished and look and feel great. The first few days I didn’t notice any difference, but I ended up using this product for 2 months just to give it the benefit of doubt. I didn’t use much. A few drops were enough for my face. Unfortunately, this product didn’t do anything to improve my skin tone or the dryness. It felt like I put an oily film on my face that my skin didn’t even absorb. My acne scars and hyperpigmentation are still there and haven’t faded the slightest.


I haven’t used this product for my body, because apart from my face I don’t really have dry skin on the rest of my body and I already have a really good moisturiser, which I like to use.


Overall, this product was a complete disappointment. I was swept away by the incredible reviews, but I guess I just belong to the unlucky few where this product doesn’t do anything. I was hoping that it would at least lighten my hyperpigmentation or scars, but it didn’t even do that and my skin is as dry as ever. If you have sensitive and dry skin like I do, I recommend trying out the Skin Recovery Line by Paula’s choice. I have had really positive results with those products, although they are slightly more expensive, they are worth the money and they benefit your skin in the long run.

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Type: Body Oil
Brand: Bio-Oil
Category: Body Care
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