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Written on Sunday, March 29, 2015
Pros: cleans up with water, dries clear, dries fast
Cons: light-duty only, not water-resistant

To my knowledge, there’s no limerick about Elmer’s but there is one one about paste:

There was a young couple named Kelly

Who went around belly to belly

Because in their haste

They used library paste

Instead of petroleum jelly… 

The Kellys most likely wouldn’t confuse Elmer’s Glue-All Household Glue with petroleum jelly, because it’s white runnier than library paste. If they did, they’d probably stick together longer, because Elmer’s is a better adhesive than library paste, though just as non-toxic. Did you know a kid in elementary school who ate library paste?

Elmer’s Glue-All has been sold for so long that the original Elmer (plus his wife Elsie) long ago went to the green pasture in the sky. You’ll find not just in homes but in schoolrooms, since it’s safe to use, cleans up easily and does a pretty fair job of sticking together materials like paper and cardboard. Borden says it’s good on leather, fabric, china and other porous surfaces, too; but not so great for glass, metal or plastic.

We keep a bottle around the house for craft projects, but using it for crafts is about as far I’ll go. For woodworking or home repair, I use yellow carpenter’s glue. It may be more difficult to clean up, but the yellow glue creates a more durable bond. It’s also available in a waterproof variety, while Elmer’s lasts for about two minutes if you get it wet. Elmer’s also isn’t much good on anything that isn’t porous.

For crafts and occasional use in the office, though, Elmer’s is great: it will hold light materials, it cleans up in water, it dries clear, and it’s non-toxic. There’s not a single drop of Elmer (or Seabiscuit) in the stuff; it’s entirely petrochemicals. Of course, old-fashioned white glue like this is pretty low-tech these days with all the glue people making no-run gels. For nostalgia’s sake, though, you should keep at least one little bottle of white glue on hand.

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2labz recommends Elmer's Glue-All Household Glue

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Type: Glue
Brand: Elmer's
Category: Stationery
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