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Written on Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Pros: easy to use, fun
Cons: no batteries

My nephew was given this game by one of his school friends, and they played it during his birthday party for a few hours. It is very similar to hot potato, only this time its a white plastic egg. The box also comes with some cards, that gives the user an indication on how to play. Very simple stuff for kids.

Front of box
Front of box

This is how the game works:

One person grabs a card from the pile, and reads the category out loud. It is filled with categories that kids are very familiar to begin with, so a grown up playing with a bunch of kids is not recommended. The cards have categories like favorite candy, superheroes, toys, little kids shows, famous actors, drinks in a can, names of villains, ways to move fast, things that are scary, type of cheese, things to take on a camping trip, places to hide, rockbands, things that are chewy, fast food restaurants, names of board games, things you can put on a hot dog, and so on. There are a total of 50 cards, a plastic egg (not the batteries), and that's it!

Back of box
Back of box

Nothing fancy, really, but it is entertaining for kids 8 and up. Once you press the button on the plastic egg, a timer starts going off. Once your time is up, a big splat noise sounds. That's why the game is called Don't Scramble the Egg. The person that loses, or has the egg splatted on them (do not worry, no cleanup is involved), collects the card. If they collect 3 cards, they are out! My nephew and his friends kind of ignored this rule, since they wanted to keep playing. I guess you make your own rules when it comes to a game like this. Especially when played with only a couple of players, since kicking one out would make for a very boring game.

Overall, this game is fun for kids 8 and over, as the younger ones would have a really hard time naming things in the categories. An adult might do great in general categories, like pizza toppings or types of cheese, but might be a little lost on little kids shows or favorite candy. For kids in middle school, this will prove to be hours of fun. Especially if more than 4 play, since it will take longer for them to go through the category cards. I recommend this game for a rainy day, or a party game.  

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