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Written on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Pros: action-packed, entertaining
Cons: is a lot like another once-popular series, zombie character seems to be just an afterthought

When a friend recently called me and said "You have to check out this new T.V. series. It's called iZombie" I knew I had to check it out. I love the zombie genre, usually. So I wasted no time finding the first episode and giving it a watch. My first impression was a bit strange. Wait, this is basically like Tru Calling, except with a zombie morgue assistant instead of a psychic one.

You see, just like Tru Calling, iZombie features a woman who works in a morgue, and who gets visions of the deceased's last moments. She them helps the police solve the crimes. There's also a funny medical examiner, just like in Tru Calling. The only real difference to me, really, is the fact that the morgue assistant is a zombie. But she's not your typical zombie, though. She doesn't look like the undead. She stumble around moaning. She does, though, eat brains. She's compelled to do so, apparently. Other than that, she appears normal.

Screenshot from iZombie Episode 1
Screenshot from iZombie Episode 1

And those brains? That's what triggers her visions.

While the show reminds me a lot of Tru Calling, and it seems like the producers and/or writers decided to mimic Tru Calling, and throw in the zombie angle as a twist (after all, zombies are really popular right now. May as well cash in on that trend, right?), it really is quite enjoyable.

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