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Written on Friday, February 21, 2014

To start, this is not solely classified as a baby product. It is widely used by all ages, and was originally intended for cows.

I love a product that you can use in a million different ways. Kind of like a Cure-All in a little tin. That’s what Bag Balm is in our house. It’s made for cows and their chapped udders, so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty hard-core ointment. I pull it out mostly in the winter when my skin gets so dry I start to break out in bumpy rashes and my fingers split. Bag Balm soothes and heals those spots and makes them soft and malleable. It feels good on mosquito bites too, as well as chafed skin (hiking in wet shorts!). My favorite Bag Balm use is the night-time glove treatment. You put a thick layer of bag balm all over your hands and then put on cotton gloves and sleep in them. By morning, your hands feel like a baby’s bum. It’s a miracle cure. 

Bag Balm does have a sort of medicinal, funky smell, but it works so well, you learn to live with it. 

Finally, and I realize this is very shallow, it’s just fun to have a cow’s udder product on the shelf that comes in a really cute retro green tin that probably hasn’t changed in the hundred-plus years this product has been around! The fun factor is high.

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kayciwebster recommends Vermont's Original Bag Balm

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