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Written on Monday, January 18, 2016
Pros: grain-free, no additives, no artificial ingredients
Cons: kinda pricey

You have a cat, so you know that kitty only likes only what kitty wants to like. My cat’s most picky about her canned food, so I’m always on the lookout for new brands. She's especially fond of the foods in PetSmart’s Simply Nourish line, their  premium food. The packaging claims “Natural, complete and balanced nutrition with recognizable, healthy ingredients” and tosses around words like “carefully-sourced,” “wholesome” and “quality”; so we’re OK with giving it to her. She gets mostly dry food with a tablespoon or so of canned food twice a day; and when it comes to canned food  she gives Simply Nourish Chicken Stew two paws up.

Kitty has never met a can of Simply Nourish she didn’t gobble down, and Chicken Stew is no exception. She also eats more of her dry food, which is good because she’s rather skinny.

The 3-oz can comes wrapped in cardboard and has a snap-on lid *the lids don’t fit anything else…). Inside you find shreds of what appears to be white-meat chicken with tiny chunks of carrot and tomato, with some kind of oil-based sauce. In addition to the chicken, carrot and tomato, the food includes sunflower oil, guar gum, tapioca starch and vitamins and minerals. The tapioca starch and guar gum probably what makes the tiny bits of chicken look like “shreds.” But Kitty’s fine with faked  texture, as long as it’s healthy instead of full of unpronounceable stuff.

Nothing unfamiliar appears in the ingredients: first on the list is chicken, nor are there “byproducts,” “meal,” artificial preservatives or artificial coloring. Menadione sodium bisulfite complex may seem weird, but the label points out that it’s just Vitamin K. It has a maximum of 2% ash, 1.4% fat and 0.05% taurine. Feeding instructions say to give kitty three cans daily for every seven pounds, but  the way I feed the can lasts for three meals. Her stools are solid and well-formed, no “squirts.”

PetSmart outsources production of their Simply Nourish foods to Thailand, but the contact address is PetSmart’s HQ in Phoenix.

Kitty gives Simply Nourish Chicken Stew 2 thumbs up ‘cause she likes it, I give it five stars because it’s grain- and additive-free and reliable quality.

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2labz recommends Simply Nourish Chicken Stew Wet Cat Food

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