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Written on Monday, February 17, 2014

The first thing you need to look for when buying any dog food is the AAFCO statement.  You want a dog food that meets the daily nutritional requirements set out by AAFCO and you will see from the pictures below that Pedigree has that.

I fed Pedigree to my dogs for years.  One of them developed salivary gland cancer and the other auto immune disease.  I had stopped using Pedigree because it had onion powder in it and onions are deadly to dogs.  You should never feed anything with onions or chocolate in it to your dogs.  Because the intensity of the chocolate (dark chocolate is worse for dogs than milk chocolate) makes a difference in whether it adversely affects a dog, I'm assuming onions are the same way.  Onion powder is used for flavor.

That being said, we are now using Pedigree canned dog food again and our dog likes some of the ground meat kinds and doesn't like the chunks in gravy.  I don't know what possible difference it could make, but the dog isn't talking.  We are using Pedigree again because of financial concerns and Pedigree is inexpensive compared to a lot of other brands that sell for up to $3.20 a can.    There is regulation where dog food is concerned, but I'm not going to go into that.  What they put into it affects what they can call it.  You can see from pictures that water is the ingredient that is mostly used, followed by chicken by-products.  Chicken comes in third, followed by meat by-products.  

I am glad to have an inexpensive AAFCO canned dog food, but there are only a few flavors my dog will tolerate so we have to buy other types of dog food as well.  I like the fact that Pedigree donates to the welfare of dogs in general through their DogsRule campaign.

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LindaGregg recommends Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner Canned Dog Food

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Brand: Pedigree
Category: Dog Food & Treats
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