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WEN Cleansing Conditioner Sweet Almond Mint Shampoo - reviews

Average: 3.3 (3 votes)

  • Worth the big bucks for right hair texture

    jwhite8's picture

    Let me begin by saying that I received this as a Christmas gift and was really skeptical about a lot of the claims  this product makes. I'd seen ads for this "cleansing treatment" and thought it was over-hyped and over-priced. Read more

  • You'll Feel A Difference!

    suebrighton's picture

    When a good friend told me about how great Wen hair products were, I was quite skeptical. I have oily hair, which means I have to wash my hair every day. I decided to try the Pomegranate scent. Read more

  • Good for dry or thick hair

    snessen65's picture

    The WEN line of products would be good for those with thick or dry hair. My hair is not very dry or thick so I found it to be a little too conditioning. It is not like your traditional shampoo. First, it doesnt lather. It is a very thick cream that you apply to your hair and scalp. Read more

Type: Shampoo
Brand: WEN
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