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Schick Hydro Silk Women's Razors - reviews

Average: 3.7 (3 votes)

  • Good but not great...

    ab007's picture

    There are a couple of things I really like about the Schick Hydro razor, and a couple of things I really don't like. One of the things I like about this razor is the design. The design is great and the handle of the razor is fairly ergonomic, which is helpful when you are trying to shave your legs. Read more

  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin

    Katie Koch's picture

    I hate shaving, as I assume many other women do too.  My skin is so sensitive that no matter what lotion, soap, or shaving cream I use I always end up with cuts all over my legs not only is this unattractive but it is overly painful.  I have tried several different razors and even razorless… Read more

  • Hydro Razor Blades Wear Out Too Easy

    Melanie Sue's picture

    As a woman with thick, dark body hair, I go through razors constantly. I have tried nearly every razor available, including the Schick Hydro Silk razors. While this product is good for single shave, it falls short of being the best razor I have ever used. Read more

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