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Written on Friday, February 14, 2014
Pros: masks the pain
Cons: smells very strong

I have tried a number of pain reliefs when it comes to banishing muscle aches and strains, and I do suffer from backache and neck ache quite frequently. I decided to try this Deep Heat cream as I wanted something to target the pain more specifically, and I thought rubbing this directly on the skin was bound to make a quicker difference than taking endless tablets.


The product comes in quite a stand out packet, so it really jumps out when it’s on the shelf, and I think that might have been why I picked it. I probably should have read more about it first though, as it actually heats up the skin, sometimes quite painfully so, if you put too much on!


When I do use it now I apply it sparingly, as it takes a few moments to kick in, so I don’t like to overdo it in case it suddenly kicks in and I’ve applied far too much. It smells very potent, even when you first open the tube, some people hate the smell, it is quite antiseptic, which I quite like, but this does put some people off. You will still be able to smell it after you’ve applied it, so I wouldn’t recommend using it if you can’t stand the smell!


Even though it did make my muscles feel warmed, I’m not sure it actually helps alleviate the pain, but more mask it, which is better than nothing but not a long term solution!

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lauragabrielle recommends Deep Heat Cream Pain Relief

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Brand: Deep Heat
Category: Health Care
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