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Written on Thursday, February 13, 2014

As someone who takes part in various sporting leagues throughout the year, the need to find quality products to put on top of scrapes, cuts and burns is important to maintaining my health. Last summer, I ripped up my leg pretty bad sliding on a softball field and I knew I couldn’t put regular gauze over it since it would likely get stuck and that is a pain nobody wants to deal with. So I bought these antimicrobial non-stick pads, put some antibacterial ointment on the cut and capped it with them. Now, while these pads did stick a little bit to the cut (it was large and I expected it to), it didn’t rip off much skin with it like regular gauze.

Ever since, I have gotten a few smaller cuts that I needed to use these pads for and I never had a problem with the pad sticking to the wound. These smaller wounds are what I expect most normal people to use these pads for and because of that, I feel like recommending this product is something I need to do. It was quite affordable compared to similar products and doesn’t stick to most normal sized wounds.

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Hobson recommends Kendall Antimicrobial Adhesive Bandages

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Brand: Kendall
Category: Health Care
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