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Written on Monday, November 4, 2013
Pros: no stretching or breaking, refreshing mint flavor, shred-resistant fibers, tarter pick for removing trapped food
Cons: only 90 flossers per pack

Flossing was always a dental hygiene practice that I knew I should practice regularly but dreaded all the same due to some tight fillings I have in molars that are nearly impossible to thread floss through. Most of the time, the floss would shred and get trapped between the filled teeth, and I would wind up trying to get it out with more floss, which would also get stuck. It was a never-ending losing battle.

Luckily, I came across Plackers Gentleslide flossers one day and noticed they were advertised specifically for tight teeth. They are the only floss product I have used ever since. The slim, extra-strength design of the floss allows it to glide effortlessly through all of my teeth without shredding, breaking, or stretching so that I can remove any plaque or food trapped between my teeth without any hassle. The floss also has a pleasant minty flavor that I enjoy. The only downside is that I wish each package came with more than 90 flossers, hardly a reason not to buy a product that has proven so effective, though!

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dawnabell recommends Plackers Gentleslide for Tight Teeth Dental Flossers

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Type: Dental Floss
Brand: Plackers
Category: Health Care
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    Good product for those who have tight teeth. But because they are so tight, these floss sticks should be almost indestructable and the string still breaks. The mint flavor is only on about 2 of the sticks and the rest have no flavor at all. The quality needs to be better. Read more

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