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Written on Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Pros: fairly effective, farily inexpensive
Cons: not strong enough, smells

This Burn Jel contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lidocaine which is basically Novocain for the skin.  I only give it 3 stars because it doesn’t take away pain as fast as it should and it stinks to high heaven.  I only use this brand of Burn Jel when I don’t have the other kind that does not smell as badly.  Both have the same amount of Lidocaine and work with the same effectiveness, but the other kind does not smell terrible.

Burn JelPlus is also distinguished from its competitors by its consistency.  It is more like lotion-like than jelly-like.  For that reason, it might be better for certain types of injuries.  I confess I’ve never used the Burn JelPlus on burns.  I’ve used it on scrapes, cuts and abrasions.  Thankfully, I have not been so unfortunate as to get a burn that is bad enough to need medication.

Let me say this about burns for those of you who have read the viral email about using egg whites on burns.  DON’T DO THAT!  Egg whites could have salmonella in them and could cause infection.  Ice itself can cause burns so if you are ever severely burned or have to provide first aid for someone who is burned, use cool water and nothing else to stop the burning because skin will continue to burn even after fire has been extinguished. Cool water will stop the skin from burning further and help with pain.  If the skin is actually burned off, I would not use this product, but wait for Emergency Medical personnel to treat the victim.  I don’t think you would hurt a victim by using this product; I just don’t think it would be effective for a burn over a large area or for a severe burn that has taken off the skin.  It’s a good product but not strong enough for severe burns and the directions state that it is for minor burns.

I’ve had Lidocaine patches for back pain that I bought OTC back in the nineties.  They seemed more effective than this gel.  I suspect the company that makes it is restricted in the amount of Lidocaine it can put in the medicine, but if you burn yourself cooking or ironing, you might want to keep some of this gel (which is more like lotion).  I always use it with a loose bandage so the medication stays on the wound.  Chances are if you have burned yourself during your daily routine, you will have done so in a place that brushes against clothing and other surfaces so a loose bandage will help protect the burn and keep the medication in place over the wound.  Burn ointment or gel is one of ten OTC medications I am never without; although, I confess, I sometimes use another brand because of the smell.

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LindaGregg recommends Waterjel Burn JelPlus Pain Reliever

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Brand: Waterjel
Category: Health Care
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