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Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Console - reviews

Average: 4.7 (6 votes)

  • Fun entertainment for the whole family

    gvaldes1's picture

    If you have a serious gamer in your family, you know how popular the Xbox 360 is. With its wide variety of games and controllers, it is one of the best consoles out there. I bought this console for my nephew for his birthday 6 months ago, and he plays with it constantly. Read more

  • My favorite gaming console

    dawlfayce's picture

    In the past, I had a Sony Playstation video gaming console, and I liked it pretty well, until I decided to get an Xbox. The main reason I decided to get the Xbox was because most of my friends had one and I wanted to be able to play with them. Read more

  • Most complete gaming console I've used

    ronnywriter's picture

    I have owned my Xbox 360 for over five years and it has yet to let me down. Sure, some of the games that I have bought have been losers, but the system itself has always been exactly what I needed it to be. Read more

  • Great gaming console for the whole family

    Dandelion123's picture

    We got the Xbox 360 game console a few years ago and we love using it. There are games available for the whole family...everything from sports games to war games to strategy games to kids games. We also have the Kinect. Read more

  • Good Console For Anyone

    ArcadiaLynn's picture

    The Xbox 360 was the first big game console that I bought for myself. It was not my intention to share it with the family. That plan ended when the kids saw all the kid games they could get. I play several games on the 360 and I could not love it more. Read more

  • For Casual to Die-Hard Gamers

    Reviewing Mama's picture

    Microsoft Xbox 360 game console is a great investment for gamers. I have had one since its initial launch in 2005. With over 900 games, the game library alone makes this system a great addition to any gaming household. I love the controls to the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. Read more

Type: Game Console
Brand: Microsoft
Category: Home appliances
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