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Written on Friday, February 21, 2014

I get really nervous about using my cell phone as an alarm clock. Something about having a device that emits waves right next to my head all night. Maybe that’s ridiculous, but I decided I needed to get an old fashioned alarm clock instead. Something that’s sole job is to sit by my bed and wake me up every morning. Plus, when you’re in bed and all warm, and you suddenly realize you left your phone downstairs, the last thing you want is to get up and find it.

So I hunted around online for an alarm clock that would look good by my bed, but also do its job of waking me up. I didn’t want one with a light on it that stays on all night (so you wake up every hour and obsess about the time!). Nor did I want one that had a really obnoxious alarm sound. It didn’t want a tiny one or a huge one, and I definitely wanted an analog face, not digital.

The Seiko has really nice retro styling. It’s very good looking. The alarm is easy to set, and it has a button on top that you can press in the night that illuminates the clock face so you can check the time. And another cool feature is that, when the alarm is set, this night-time illumination is green. If you forgot to set the alarm, this light is amber. So you can tell if you forgot to set your alarm.

The alarm sound is loud, there’s no denying it. But it starts off a little softer and then gets louder the longer you ignore it. It definitely wakes me up, but it doesn’t scare me to death every morning. It’s a good clock!

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kayciwebster recommends Seiko Silver and Black Alarm Clock

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Type: Alarm Clock
Brand: Seiko
Category: Home appliances
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