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Mainstays Scented Jar Candle - reviews

Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

  • The scent fills the whole house!

    thrifty101's picture

    I love this candle! I have bought many candles that don't do the job of filling up a space with a nice scent. I use a candle warmer, and most candles I have bought gave a faint scent and mostly smelled like wax. Read more

  • I Love These Candles

    Katie Koch's picture

    I am pretty much addicted to things what smell good, but moreover I am a stickler about having my house smell good.  There are always candles burning in almost every room of my home because it is one of the best ways I have found to eliminate odors of pets, stale air, cleaners, and even my kitchen… Read more

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