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Sterilite Cart 3 Drawer Units - reviews

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

  • Clothes to Crafts: These Drawers Hold it All

    theherbivorehippie's picture

    I recently moved into a smaller house to reduce my carbon footprint. Unfortunately, eliminating the living space meant I could not bring along my large desk and extra dressers. So, I needed something to store my office supplies and extra clothes. Read more

  • It's my go-to storage solution when I've filled all my drawers

    2labz's picture

    Murphys law of storing stuff goes something like, Homeowners always need one more drawer than they have. The Sterilite people must be big fans of Murphy, and were big fans of Sterilite. Read more

  • Decent

    lizabeth420's picture

    I was given this 3 drawer unit as a gift for storage to store all my yarn. I have a bit of a yarn obsession and I didn't really have any specific area dedicated to just yarn. I received this and I really like it. It is perfect for all of my yarn. Read more

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