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Air Wick Aerosol - reviews

Average: 3.5 (4 votes)

  • It smells great!

    LindaGregg's picture

    I like Air Wick air freshner because it is very inexpensive and it smells good.  There are two fragrances which are my favorites, but Ive tried their other scents and they also are pleasant, although, I dont buy them simply because Id rather have my two favorite scents. Read more

  • Fantastic scent, but doesn't last very long

    ronnywriter's picture

    I am a bit obsessed with trying to find great scents to spray around my house, and this one from Air Wick Rain Garden is definitely in my top five. It really does smell like wet flowers, which is one of my favorite smells. Read more

  • Air Wick Aerosol is a sweet Scent-sation!

    Michelle_M's picture

    Having a good air freshenerdeodorizer is a must-have in my household! I have a teenager, toddler, infant and menagerie of animals on the farm. I am always reaching for something to neutralize the smell of stinky socks, dirty diapers, wet dog, litter box and a variety of other distasteful odors. Read more

  • It irritates my nose

    hdgallagher's picture

    I like it when my house smells nice and fresh. It would be nice to arrive home from a tiresome day at work to enter a house with welcoming smell. Air Wick aerosol spray does give the freshness I am looking for but I have several issues about it.  I have to leave the room several minutes after I… Read more

Brand: Air Wick
Category: Household Products
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