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Written on Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is one of those products that has been around forever. My mom (and probably all her friends) used it to hand-wash her stockings and delicate undies in the sink. The smell of it takes me back. Even the label hasn’t changed in decades. But it’s one of those products that’s been around, unchanged, for so long because it’s a wonderful product that really works. It’s a gentle-wash powder, but the powder dissolves fast and thoroughly in cold water so you don’t end up with weird chunks of powder in your clothes.

While I do use Forever New to hand-wash certain things in the sink (really fragile things I don’t think will survive the washing machine), these days with front-load washers that have super gentle, hand-wash cycles, I mostly use Forever New in the machine to do my loads of super delicates. I use it when I wash a really expensive set of high thread-count sheets I foolishly bought, and I’m sure it has extended the life of those sheets! I use it to wash my husband’s fancy Italian dress shirts. And I always, always take a little container of it when I travel so I can hand-wash things and throw them over the shower rod in hotels. It’s powder (unlike Woolite, which I don't like anyway), so the TSA won’t take it away from you!

It has a really nice fresh smell that’s so particular to this product, you can identify it on people when you’re out in a crowd. It’s fabulous, and you should always keep a bottle on hand.

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kayciwebster recommends Forever New Fabric Care Wash

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