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Written on Monday, February 17, 2014
Pros: can purchase in bulk, doesn't tear as easily as other trash bags, smells good
Cons: leaks, will tear if bag is over filled

When it comes to taking out the trash, my situation is dire. I live in gated community. My apartment is in the back of this community. The dumpster, where all of the residents must take their trash, is at the very front of the community. Its a 3 minute walk to the the dumpster, and that's because I naturally walk fast. For others, it might take 5 minutes. Why am I talking about walking? Because I do not have a car, so I have to walk the trash all the way to the dumpster.

Yes, I know it sucks.

Anyway, you can see where a decent trash bag comes in handy. I do not want trash spilling out everywhere. These bags stretch...a lot. In a sense, this isn't good, because that means the heavier the trash bag, but because I'm fabulous, I have the strength to haul heavy trash to the dumpster. Girl Power.

The bag will lock the odor in, if you can keep the bag from ripping. While carrying my trash to the dumpster, the top of the bag ripped. All of the weight pulled down in the bag. I had to tie it together again. Then it ripped again. So I grabbed a large amount of bag, locked my elbow into place, and carried that sucker home.

After throwing the thing into the dumpster, I noticed a bunch of greasy on my hands and on my pants leg (the trash bag periodically bumped my leg). Oil had leaked from the bag. I am not sure if it was another hole, or if it leaked through the seams, but it leaked, and I don't like that.

Regardless if the issues, I like the bags. I just make sure not to overfill the bags, and hopefully I can buy something to roll the trash to the dumpster. I may be fabulous, but I do not need to demonstrate that every week Wink.

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thrifty101 recommends Glad Forceflex Febreze Trash Bags

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Type: Garbage Bags
Brand: Glad
Category: Household Products
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