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Beauty Blender Sponges - reviews

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  • Flawless Face

    liveoutloud14's picture

    I had seen Youtube beauty guru's talking about this product for a long time before I had decided to buy it.  I was in Sephora and saw it at the counter and picked it up.  It is quite expensive, which is the only thing I do not like, I believe it was about $20.00. Read more

  • Fantastic Sponge

    valleyfash's picture

    This makeup beauty product, which is most certainly one of my staple products, is by far one of the best that I have ever used. Ever since that very first day that I purchased and tried the Beauty blender for the first time, I have been hooked, and have yet to use a single foundation or concealer… Read more

  • The Only Makeup Applicator You WIll Ever Need!

    melissareviewgirl's picture

    It is a one of a kind makeup applicator. Since the Beauty Bender was released other high end places have tried to duplicate it. It is shaped like a tear drop. The pointy end can be used to get those hard to reach areas like up under the eyes or around the nose. Read more

Type: Sponges
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