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Q-tips Standard Cotton Swabs - reviews

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  • The "Q" in Q-Tips Must Stand for Quality!

    smurray's picture

    Let me start by saying I've used Q-Tips for the better part of my life. I remember my mom using them to clean out my nose when I was a toddler, I've used them to clean my ears since I was able to do that myself, and I've used them to apply a wide variety of lipsticks and eye shadows. Read more

  • Effective and Multi Purposed

    louisanna6's picture

    I love Q-Tips. They are good for so many different things. The name brand cotton swabs are absolutely the way to go.  Q-Tips are way better than the competition. The worse thing that happens with cotton swabs is that the cotton starts to fall off the stick inappropriately. Read more

  • Traditional and Still the Best

    andiesmama's picture

    Sure, not many people think there is a huge difference when it comes to comparing cotton swabs. As a mom, however, it is important to me to make sure I have the best quality products on hand for my family. I do my best to save pennies here and there, but with some things I simply cannot compromise. Read more

Type: Cotton Swabs
Brand: Q-tips
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