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The Body Shop Baked-To-Last Eye Colour - reviews

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  • Gorgeous, Shimmery Copper Eye Colour for Any Occasion

    rebeccaeliza's picture

    I mostly stick with subtle, neutral shades of eye colour, but I took a chance on The Body Shop's Baked-To-Last Eye Colour in Copper, and now it's my go-to eye shadow!  I was drawn to the shimmery sparkle of it, but found many of the colour options just too dark or bold for me, so I chose Copper. … Read more

  • Versatile Eye Colour that Can be Applied Wet or Dry

    rebeccaeliza's picture

    After falling in love with The Body Shop's Baked-to-Last eye colour in Copper, I decided it was high time I had another colour of the same eyeshadow, so I got myself the Quartz shade and it's pretty awesome.  The other colour options were all quite bold and dark, so I thought the pink would be a… Read more

Type: Eye Shadow
Brand: The Body Shop
Category: Make-Up
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